New Quantified Self App syncs up Daily Motivation, Goal Setting and Time Management

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JERSEY CITY, N.J.Dec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — 10 Days ahead of the much anticipated Year of 2020, a new quantified self app called Timebug promises to help users stay accountable to their New Year’s Resolutions and systematically guide them through the development of an inspiring Life Vision.  Currently Free of charge, Timebug is Personal Productivity & Life Management app, available from both Apple IOS and Google Play stores.  It guides users through a journey of self discovery, and then employs user-friendly goal setting and time management modules to help them stay aligned with their vision.  The tool also loops in a user-selected Board of Advisors across 7 core Life Categories – such as Relationships, Career, Money and Health – who can peek in on user progress and offer a gentle bump when needed, to get back on track.  Timebug corresponds nicely with its companion workbook (available in Print, Kindle and Audio versions) – 20/20 Life Vision Challenge: A 30 Step Guide to Unveiling your Higher Purpose – which was published in 2018; the app goes a step further by capturing user data in virtual workbooks, and integrated stated goals with a concrete action plan.  Distilling life’s big questions down to the granular level of what we need to do today, within an elegant and accessible user experience is the Timebug App’s unique value proposition.

“Think of Timebug as a Life GPS that ties everything together,” says the product’s inventor and Founder, Arman Rousta, who also authored the 20/20 Life Vision book. “It helps you get clear about where you want to go, then set the coordinates, make your plans – and finally, to get after it.  Life is a journey and we need guidance along the way; while that ultimately has to come from within, we all need frameworks, inspiration and tools to help us carry out our purpose.”

Timebug is rich with modules that, like a game, are unlocked as users advance through a 30 step journey, which is available from the app’s Workbook tab in both written and audio formats.  Within each step are guiding questions that give users the chance to identify their current strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately to define their short and long-term vision.

  • Step 22 unlocks a Dream Journal, and reminds us of the important messages that can arrive through our subconscious, while giving us a place to write them down and connect them to different projects that we’re working on.
  • Steps 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10 essentially build out psychological and emotional maps that help users navigate through their own shortcomings and leverage their strengths to get things done.
  • Step 2 challenges us to take an honest look at our 168-hour week and to envision what it would look like if we were living in full alignment with our higher purpose.

Rousta is an accomplished Entrepreneur and former Student-Athlete, who constantly strives to sustain a healthy life balance while packing in a lot of ambitious goals into his schedule.  He has become famous amongst his peers for tracking, in an ultra-detailed Excel spreadsheet, every hour of the year – all 8,760 of them – across what he playfully named his Timebugs, or capsules of time within which he was going after certain goals or simply getting things done – Exercise Bug, Sleep Bug, Meditation Bug, etc.

Within 2020, Timebug has much bigger plans, including a Pro Version with additional motivational content tracks, group communication tools, video lessons and the integration of AI to give users instant feedback and deeper insights into their own habits.  The company will maintain the Beta Version for Free to users, which is a boon that hopefully millions will take advantage of as a fresh round of Resolutions come into focus this time of year.

Timebug is a quantified self technology, human behavior research and productivity & wellness company based in Jersey City, NJ.  It is a majority-owned subsidiary of b.labs Ventures, a venture studio that launches and funds promising, mission-oriented startups.  Timebug’s App Development is managed by Blueliner, a two decade old, integrated digital agency.

adminNew Quantified Self App syncs up Daily Motivation, Goal Setting and Time Management
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