Unveil your higher purpose with…

20/20 Life Vision Challenge

The answers you need are all within you.

Because of this our program focuses on guiding you through various different experiences that take place in the battlegrounds of your inner world in order to unveil in a tully authentic way your own inner purpose.

App features

  • Goal tracking and time management
  • Self and other assessment tools
  • Ideal for tech minded users

Book features

  • Beautifully designed workbook for journal entries
  • Insightful guidebook as companion for your journey
  • Ideal for hands-on, creative types

Join us this summer for a privately guided journey on Facebook with a large number of participants guiding one another along the way, each step of this amazing challenge. To be a part of this amazing opportunity purchase the 20/20 app launching July 2018. For just $250.00 you will:

  • Receive lifetime Support/Updates ($250.00)
  • A digital and hard copy of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge book ($37.00)
  • Private Facebook group for whatever month you choose with professional guidance from 20/20 team including Arman Rousta the creator of the challenge ($300.00)
  • Support from our experienced team
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